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Which is most concerned when customers visit the die casting factory

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Before each of the aluminum alloy die-casting plant customer clinch a deal, there will be a period of time contact negotiate the final decision to choose cooperation, and at the time of contact, the customer will also do a lot of screening work, including the query of the aluminum alloy die-casting plant related information on the Internet, technology negotiation, and so on, until finally there is a certain intention, will prepare to come over to watch factory aluminum alloy die-casting plant field.Therefore, the customers who can come to see the factory are all customers with certain intention. Whether they can reach cooperation or not, the image they give to people when they see the factory is very important.

So, what are aluminum alloy die casting plant need more efforts?

First of all, there are some base conditions can not be changed, so we should always focus this , don't worry it too much, such as the factory is not  big enough, not enough machines, not enough staff and so on.The factory is not big enough, but it can be tidy and tidy.Too few employees and machines, can express their expertise in a certain field and so on, there is always an advantage, just need to dig.

Second, stick to your bottom line and don't adopt the low price strategy.Where the low price strategy is undesirable is that the profit to the aluminum alloy die casting plant is too small. Low price strategy will lead people to the thinking of the vicious circle, customers will feel that you are not good technology, just want to get guest by this kind of low price. Engineers always based their technology, is born with a kind of pride, resist the low price strategy , to ensure their profits. In fact if you always get the customer with the lowest price, finally you and your customer can't both get more market and profit duo to bad quality and service.

Third, when you answer technical questions, you must use professional vocabulary, especially in the industry commonly known terms.When talking with customers, aluminum alloy die casting plant always like to say himself powerful, in fact, many customers have heard this kind of words too much, even don’t like hear this words, the basic immune. Die casting is a very professional industry, the customer must be engineer or have a engineer in his side, it will be in a glance at this time if aluminum alloy die casting plant is professional.

Customers visit the factory, in fact, the most important is to check the workshop, the workshop is a real demonstration of the strength of an aluminum alloy die-casting plant.The place which it can most reflect strength of aluminum alloy die casting factory is the sample room and sample cabinet, if the sample is much, the product is classic and the process is advance, all of these show an aluminum alloy die casting factory's technical strength. From the customer side, they can know how much the mold cost is , how long the lead time of sample is, and what level the product quality is, and the others.

Mold shop is the most basic place to aluminum alloy die casting factory, the quality of the mold, related to produce and quality of the later production, the customer will focus on the observation.

The last point is talk with the boss and test the boss, especially the boss of the small aluminum alloy die-casting plant, like this small plant, the boss basically represents the style and direction of the whole company. But the large aluminum alloy die casting plants have more system specifications and working processes,  these will make sure large aluminum alloy die casting plant to operate normally.

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