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Mold Capacity Overview

Ningbo Pinter Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to providing high quality die casting molded castings for global customers. It is a seed planted when Pinter joined the first die-casting mold company in the late 1990s. After 10 years of sweat and watering by Pinter, Ningbo Pinter Machinery Factory came into being in 2008. It has more 20 years experience in die-casting mold design and manufacturing. We have an annual mold production capacity of nearly 100 sets; We also according to customer requirements to help customers design and manufacture other types of molds, such as injection mold, punching die, etc.

Taking the road of internationalization is Pinter company has been pursuing tirelessly, the company has repeatedly hired German mold and die casting experts to train the company staff; Mold experts from Germany BOSCH Company have trained and guided our die-casting mold design and manufacturing. German die casting experts have been to our company twice for training and guidance of die casting forming technology; German machining experts have been to our company twice to train casting machining and quality assurance technology; Through the training and guidance of international experts, our company has cultivated a group of professional team with excellent technology and advanced concept of mold design and manufacturing and die casting parts production. Our technicians have also been overseas for many times to provide after-sales service for molds and castings in the United States, Germany, Canada and Mexico.

Engineering and Tool Design
Our Belief For Tooling
 Our belief is that every good part begins with good tooling and this emphasis has been a part of culture by our boss Pinter
    Our emphasis on accurate tool builds and part configuration in the tool steel will increase not only part quality but tooling longevity and ultimately, your investment. We also have the ability to alert our customers of any problems with their CAD and can offer quick and effective remedies to ensure a good end result. Our approach to tool engineering takes the long view – we know and appreciate the customer’s investment and do everything we can to maximize their investment for the entire life of the program, and beyond.
  • Our engineering staff will ensure that your products adhere to your exact specifications. Our goal is to be a part of our customer design phase as early as possible to help design a part that is not only castable, but also as cost effective as possible.
Tool Program Management

We will manage your entire program from “Prints to Parts”. We
will manage the entire program to your complete satisfaction.
  • Step1
    We will take your CAD/prints and design the entire tooling package to ensure you get the right tool to maximize your investment.
  • Step2
    After the tooling phase, our die cast process expertise will develop the optimum process parameters to ensure the highest quality parts to meet your part quality specifications.
  • Step3
    With our in-house machining capabilities and/or the vast array of approved local suppliers, we will make sure that your parts are finished precisely to specification and delivered exactly on time. 
Founded in 2008, Pinter Die Casting Factory, and it is renamed Ningbo Pinter Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015; It is the professional manufacturer in designing and making of die casting which is applied in Aluminum and Zinc alloy. Our products are widely used in automotive, motorcycle, power tool, lamp, textile machine and household industry. We do business all over the world, and our main partners are BOSCH, SIEMENS, POLARIS, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, PHILIPS, OPTIMAS, LR-TEK, CHIIPS, GREELY etc.    View More >>

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