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Pinter Company Values

Pinter Casting specializes in customized aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die casting for nearly 20 years. Mr. Pinter Gao, the founder of the company, has always adhered to the business philosophy of "Credibility, Professionalism, Excellence, Cooperation", and set a good example to lead the way.


Credbility is the foundation of cultivating people and establishing a career, which is the deep experience and understanding of Pinter's pioneering struggle in the first half of his life, and will be the code of conduct in the second half of his life. Pinter also regards integrity as the core value of the enterprise and implements it in various activities. Honesty can strongly support enterprises to resist fear and move forward with certainty, and can effectively prevent the development of enterprises into the greedy road, to ensure that enterprises in the right direction of steady development.


Professionalism is reason that Pinter is respected in the industry, love of learning, good at practice, senior mechanical engineer title; Its profound

technical background and broad scope of knowledge lead enterprises into the road of specialization; Enterprise vigorously cultivates and precipitates professional engineers, down-to-earth and hard work, and constantly challenge the industry technology bottleneck, the professional form and style of enterprise spreads from near to far, the road of the enterprise is more and more wide, Pinter Casting brand is trust by domestic and foreign customers.


Excellence is the company's quality concept, popularly speaking is good quality, out of the ordinary; The company founder Pinter knows: Pinter today's success and excellence is achieved by our customers, we must be grateful to our customers, and then with our excellent die casting parts of Pinter Casting brand and warm and thoughtful service repay back to our customers and support customers, and make our customers get more stronger confidence and more profits.


Cooperation is an active, harmonious and win-win ecological environment for producing or business, Pinter company employees need Harmony and tacit understanding, mutual solidarity and encouragement, hand in hand to overcome all kinds of difficulties and challenges during the company's development process, seeking common development and growth; At the beginning of Pinter's business, it is also to promote development by cooperation with customers, Pinter first open and honest with customers, have equal  communication; We will become into lifelong friends once we have business one time between us; Pinter is a stranger to you, and thousand miles far away, but looking forward to the equal and friendly cooperation with you is the future vision of Pinter.


After a long and firm implementation of Pinter's business philosophy, Pinter's every business activity and every casting deeply casted into Pinter's business philosophy, with Pinter castings are shipped to customers across the sea, with customers recognize and accept and disseminate to Pinter Casting’s quality and service, days and months multiplying, Pinter culture stands out;


After nearly 20 years of accumulation, Pinter has cultivated a skilled team of engineers, with strong strength of die casting and CNC machining; Pinter also has a professional overseas sales and service team, able to quickly provide overseas customers with technical support and product after-sales service;

Enterprise Purpose
  • Our Vision

    All over the world to seek business, All over the world to make friends.

  • Our Mission

    Provide professional and reliable die castings made in China for global customers.

  • Our Business Philosophy

    Sincere cooperation, growth together.

  • Our Quality Philosophy

    Makes us success by special excellent quality of die castings.

Pinter Company Vision
All over the world to seek business, All over the world to make friends
Founded in 2008, Pinter Die Casting Factory, and it is renamed Ningbo Pinter Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015; It is the professional manufacturer in designing and making of die casting which is applied in Aluminum and Zinc alloy. Our products are widely used in automotive, motorcycle, power tool, lamp, textile machine and household industry. We do business all over the world, and our main partners are BOSCH, SIEMENS, POLARIS, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, PHILIPS, OPTIMAS, LR-TEK, CHIIPS, GREELY etc.    View More >>

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