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Finishing and Coating
Pinter company is capable of handling the entire processing cycle for our customers

Powder Coating

Powder coating to class A specifications, It is approved by German Bosch, We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the highest quality powder coating that are truly World Class and separates us from the rest!

Finishing For Cast Surface

Preparation of a our die castings for subsequent painting or plating requires cleaning and/or mechanical finishing.
We can provide the following services: Vibratory & Thermal Deburr,  Parts Washing, Polishing, Buffing & Sanding, Shot Blasting, Etc.

The Other Coating

We also can provide the following coating by our local approved resource: Anodizing (hard/soft), Di-chromate, E-coating; Chrome plating , oil painting ;
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Founded in 2008, Pinter Die Casting Factory, and it is renamed Ningbo Pinter Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015; It is the professional manufacturer in designing and making of die casting which is applied in Aluminum and Zinc alloy. Our products are widely used in automotive, motorcycle, power tool, lamp, textile machine and household industry. We do business all over the world, and our main partners are BOSCH, SIEMENS, POLARIS, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, PHILIPS, OPTIMAS, LR-TEK, CHIIPS, GREELY etc.    View More >>

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