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Machining Capacity Overview
  • As a powerful modern enterprise in die-casting industry of Ningbo, our machining workshop consists of three processing areas: machining center area, CNC processing area and special machine processing area. As our boss Pinter is a national senior mechanical engineer, he has a special liking for mechanical equipment and machining technology, so our machining ability occupies a place in the industry. We used to import a lot of advanced finishing equipment from America, Germany and Japan. In recent years, we fully develop the ability of self-innovation, according to our company's product characteristics and specific processing requirements, developed a lot of special processing machinery, effectively improve the product processing technology stability and processing efficiency, greatly reduce the processing cost;

    Through more than 20 years continually updated iteration and technology accumulation, at present we have more than 10 lines of high precision machining integrated processing production, more than 20 sets of high-precision CNC machining center machine, there are more than 10 sets of special processing equipment, product mechanical processing capacity and technology to improve design ability, can help clients with difficult machining die casting products a complete set of solutions;

We can provide you with prototypes for your parts that can be tested for fit, form, and function before you spend the big tooling dollars.

We can create solid models from customer supplied math data or provide polymer based models in just a few days.  In either case, prototyping can be a very beneficial step in ensuring that the parts will meet your specification before any steel is cut. Please contact us with your specific prototyping needs and we can find the best method as it relates to cost and timing. 

Rich Experience

Just about any feature can be machined into the base castings. Pinter has the machining equipment and experienced operators to meet all of your machining needs. We will perform both basic machining and complicated machining in-house.

Our Services

Our services include CNC and NC precision finishing machining, drilling, tapping, reaming, and more. With over 10 years of experience, our machining personnel have the skills to complete your secondary operations so your part is ready to install or assemble when it reaches your facility. 
Founded in 2008, Pinter Die Casting Factory, and it is renamed Ningbo Pinter Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015; It is the professional manufacturer in designing and making of die casting which is applied in Aluminum and Zinc alloy. Our products are widely used in automotive, motorcycle, power tool, lamp, textile machine and household industry. We do business all over the world, and our main partners are BOSCH, SIEMENS, POLARIS, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, PHILIPS, OPTIMAS, LR-TEK, CHIIPS, GREELY etc.    View More >>

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